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Welcome to the New World of Blockchain Automation

Secure. Trusted. Collaboration.
Watch how fast you’ll harness the power of the blockchain for your business.
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Download BCERTin Extension for your computer & download app for your smartphone.

Once you’ve downloaded to your browser you’ll see the BCERTin application on your toolbar.

Now Download the iphone app to your smartphone.

You’re ready to take your first Blockchain step!


1. Register your account & receive your Authorization Key

Click Create Account and You’re Hashing to the Blockchain! Store your authorization key in a safe place. You are the only one who has access to your authorization key. Now you’re ready to take your next steps.

2. Authentication for Trusted Collaboration

Multi-Step Verification insures trust with everyone within your Ecosystem

Multi-Step Verification

1) Upload a Selfie
2) Upload a Driver’s License
3) Upload a statement or credit card

Now add any other Information

Note: Businesses can chose which items they want to verify

3. Start Using Your New BCERTin Solution

Click Create Account and You’re Hashing to the Blockchain!

Store your authorization key in a safe place. You are the only one who has access to your authorization key.

Now you’re ready to take your next steps.


  • Follow the tutorial for your next steps
  • Review our resources to accelerate and secure your business
  • Add your contacts to begin collaborating
  • Upload important files, pictures, documents

4. Communicate Your Solution with Your Team

To get the full power of your new tool make sure you communicate the benefits with your team
  • Download the Smart Document to email to team members
  • Hold a call or meeting to share your expectations
  • Invite team members to download the application & watch video
Begin using your new tool with team members and make it a part of how you do business. Invite your professional services circle or clients to connect (using just one token each)

Secure. Automate. Collaborate.

A complete SaaS tool-set to catapult your business encrypted to the blockchain.

Authenticate - KYC

Multi-Step Authentication insures immutable trust in all transactions, contracts, file shares and communications.

Contract Vault™

All contracts, files, documents, pictures, contacts, tokens, and communications is blockchain protected.

Smarter Contracts

A full dynamic smart contract suite that securely automates, tracks and logs every transaction.

Unlimited File Storage

Forget paying Dropbox® fees or losing control of your files forwarded to others. Your Contract Vault™ is protected.

Share Files

Share files and only  those with their Private Key can access what you share. Guarantee who sees what you share. 

Instant Messaging

From your smartphone or computer receive instant messages hashed to the blockchain – Collaborate in one secure place. 


Anyone with a private key can collaborate through the dashboard to save time and remove siloed information.

Contract Vault Library™

Access or create templates of your most valuable documents & contracts to use at your fingertips. 

Token Wallet

Hold, buy, sell and rent tokens from your wallet. Now you have the power over your data, transactions and costs.

Encrypted. Safe. Secure.

While other businesses limit their potential using archaic ways of doing business, you’ve secured your seat at the front of the class.

Blockchain Decentralized

BlockCerts spent over 1.7M development hours creating the encrypted on-ramp to the BlockCerts Blockchain, the future of safe, secure data and transaction

BlockCerts Contract Vault™

Your BCERTin Contract Vault creates the ultimate security for your files, contracts, pictures and documents forever. Only you hold your private key.

Have piece of mind and quick access to your important mission-critical information. When you share anything, it can only be unlocked by who you intend to have access – through BCERT Private Key technology. 

Multi-Step Authentication

Immutable Trust is created with every transaction. Each party uploads their picture, ID, or other required information – to confirm their identity. Once certified, they receive their BlockCert Authentication BEFORE they can proceed.

Always Know Your Customer “KYC” and they will know and trust you.

Use Case and Industry Tailored Solutions

If you have a more complex need, a larger business or an institutional need, you’ve found the right home.

  • We’ve already created solutions for specific industries.
  • We support Big Consulting Firms creating client solutions.
  • We work large-scale institutions and government applications
  • White-label our service – offer our solution as your own